Pinterest - Proceed with Caution


Let me guess, he popped the question and within 24 hours you had a new Pinterest board set up for your wedding. You have dozens of pins of DIYs, decorations, wood signs, adorable bridal photos, floral arrangements and at least a dozen dresses. Proceed with caution.

The first thing I learned about weddings and Pinterest is #Pinterestfail is no joke. However, where typical Pinterest fails may leave you with droopy eyed dog cupcakes, when it’s your wedding you are left with false hope and unrealistic expectations.

I pinned at least five delicate white bridal bouquets full of ranunculus and peonies only to be laughed at by each florist I visited. Delicate white flowers in August, yeah right!  It happened again when I picked this incredible dusty blue color which seemed to be everywhere on my recommended pins but when I would show them to bridesmaid dress shops, no one could seem to find the color in the real world. Everything was either grey or a much brighter blue. Nothing was as soft and romantic as Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my bridesmaid dresses in the end but it took months of false hope before I realized I needed to find something else.

Cautioning Tips

Don’t get your heart set on anything on Pinterest before talking to the real life professionals.

Just because Pinterest shows adorable signs like “Please Sign Our Guestbook” does not mean you don’t need a guestbook attendant. Signs will never replace people. Same with "Pick a Seat Not a Side." I strongly suggest you recruit a friend or family member to be a ceremony greeter and help guests be seated.

Evaluate the DIY projects and do a little research. You may find something similar for a better price. Just because it is DIY does not mean it is inexpensive, materials can add up and time is a precious resource around your wedding.

DIY projects can be done early such as table numbers, signs, and programs. Do not attempt to DIY things that are time sensitive like flower arrangements that will need to be done right before the event.

Check what flowers are in season in your area before pinning every adorable bouquet you see.

 Try searching your wedding venue or location to find decorating ideas and get a feel for what other brides have done with that specific space.

Be mindful that pictures do not always speak the truth, with Photoshop and other tricks you can’t always trust what you are seeing.

That being said, Pinterest is a great place to start gathering ideas and developing your vision. It will provide more pictures and ideas than a thousand bridal magazines ever could. Use Pinterest to your advantage. It is a great tool to show vendors your vision. Just be mindful and don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t turn out exactly like the pictures. Everyone’s wedding is unique, let yours be beautiful in its own way.