Outsourcing - Ask for Help

Want to know a secret? When you are the bride, you get to ask a lot of people for favors and everyone wants to help! Use that to your advantage, don’t say no! There is plenty to do for everyone.

Here are a few things you can easily “outsource” to family and friends:

Envelope addressing – It takes forever especially if you have a big wedding, recruit some friends to help you address. They are especially willing if you provide wine.

Calling vendors – During the planning process you will find there are a few vendors where price is key. Ask a friend to help make calls to free up your time to meet with vendors where the relationship is more important. Have your friend contact limo companies, nearby hotels, or even prescreen some caterers and hair/makeup stylists for price to narrow down who you meet with in person.

Guest book attendant – This is a great role to give a younger cousin or family member who is too old to be a flower girl/ring bearer but that you still wish to include.  In fact, there is nothing wrong if you have a few attendants. Having some extra hands to escort guests into the venue, distribute programs, take gifts, and assist with the guest book will leave you at ease that everything is going smoothly while you are making final preparations.

Set-up – Most likely your decorations will need to be put out before the wedding. As much as you think you will have time to set these things up, you won’t. Ask someone to come early and set-up for you.  Make it easy by boxing things organized by where they go. For example, label a box “cake table,” include the cake topper, the cake server, any decorations for that table and instruction on how you want it to look.

Snack mom – If you are lucky (like me) you won’t even have to ask but having a bridesmaid bring snacks, waters and champagne was amazing. I didn’t think it was something I needed until I stress ate an entire bag of goldfish and thanked God for my incredible friend who brought all my favorite snacks, candies, and mints. Trust me, you will want some comfort food.

Clean-up – Chances are you have items you brought to the venue such as signs, center pieces, picture frames, guest book, cake knife and champagne flutes. Ask a few friends if they wouldn’t mind helping at the end of the night to gather these items and haul them away. Make it easy on them by creating a checklist of what to grab and providing boxes and canvas bags to pack in.

Rental return – If your husband is renting a tux or suit, and you are leaving for your honeymoon soon after your wedding you probably won’t have time to return it in time. Ask a groomsman to return it and any other items you may have rented.

Marriage Certificate – Depending on where you are getting married the actual legal document you sign post ceremony has a deadline by which it must be returned to the court or records office. Don’t let this little detail get in your way. Ask your officiant or a wedding party member if they wouldn’t mind returning the document for you. Also, ask them to email you a copy before they return it. You may need it before retrieving the official license a few months later.