Gift Registry

Tips to Make the Most out of your Registry

Register early – If you have an engagement party or bridal shower, people will search for your registry. If it is easy to find they will use it, if not, you may receive gifts you don't love.

Build a wedding website including your registry - It is against etiquette to put registry information on a wedding invitation or an invitation to a party you host. But adding the wedding website to your invitation and/or save the date cards can provide guests with access to the registry and other helpful information regarding your wedding in a tactful manner.

Choose where you register carefully – Different stores have different rewards programs, return policies, and benefits for both you and your guests. For example, Macy’s offered a cash back to the newlyweds based on what guests purchased from the registry.  Macy's also offered free shipping to the guests on orders over $100. You will find many of the same items at different department stores, make sure you are getting the most out of your registry and that you will be able to easily return items.

Don’t register for duplicates – If you are registering at multiple stores be careful not to register for the same item multiple times. For example, if you register for the Kitchen Aid mixer at Macy’s don’t add it to your registry at Bed Bath & Beyond. This will save you from ending up with two mixers and no bowls.

Register at a few places and in a variety of price ranges – Your guests want options. Some people may have stores they are more comfortable with than others or prefer online versus in store shopping. Add a variety of items at all prices, you never know what people are willing to spend. Add lots of items, you won’t receive everything, but you don’t want your procrastinating cousin to be left with only a vacuum to be purchased.

Think outside the box – If you already own a home or have a lot of housewares start to think outside the box. Are there board games or yard games you and your husband could use to entertain? What about adding beach chairs, umbrellas or camping gear to provide you with equipment to enjoy vacations together. There are also sites where you can register to have people help fund your honeymoon or a favorite charity.