Choosing a Wedding Date

What to Think About When Choosing a Wedding Date.

Don’t forget this day will be your anniversary every year. Think about future vacations or other special occasions falling near the date such as birthdays, holidays, graduations or major sporting events.

Think of the season and the aesthetic you want your wedding to have. A seashore themed wedding won’t work quite so well in February.

Guest attendance can be impacted if you pick a date near a major holiday and flights can be substantially more expensive. Also consider ease of travel, winter in a snowy state can pose challenges like cancelled flights and closed roads.

Research local events on and around the date you are considering. Will there be a marathon or county fair causing traffic delays and parking problems?

Weekdays can be challenging for attendees but definitely a way to save money. Consider a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon to save some money without too much hassle for your guests.

Choose a venue and book your date early. Dates can fill up over a year in advance.

Talk to your families before securing your date. Ensure no one has a scheduled vacation, celebration or obligation before you select your date.

Send Save the Date cards early to the “must have” guests. Make sure they have ample time to block their calendars and make travel arrangements.